Broccoli : how we do it


We donít do things the same way every time. We donít have a product, we donít call what we do architecture, we donít go Imagineering and we donít want to boil down our approach into three little words, or even deploy our tool kit.

Firstly we listen to you, and then we question you. 

Then we write down your goals and objectives. 

Next comes thinking. We might approach your challenge head on or sideways or from the bottom or from the inside, generally all of them. Then we come up with some ideas, laugh at some of them but keep the good ones. Then itís back to your brief to see which one answers it properly.

We write it all up and show it to you. Together we develop and refine it, laugh some more, check those goals again, and thenÖ.

Deliver it.

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